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Margit Thomsen, Denmark
Updated 06.04.2013
My breed is named after my great grandmother. Her name was Andrea Winnerskjold, though often called Wimmerhale by her children and grand children when she was out of earshot of course, as this was quite disrespectful in those days. However she seemed to rub off the name. She was slightly eccentric, and quite a sight, when she went biking in the middle of the road, wearing a Persian fur, hat with veil and a silver fox fur around the neck! Wimmerhale had two Siamese cats called Daisy and Allan, whom she took at least to one cat exhibition. However her interest in cats, did not seem to attract others in the family, who seemed more interested in dogs. But I carried on her love for cats. Having heard about Wimmerhale and her Siamese cats I didn't have any doubts that my catteryname should be "Wimmerhale" in hounour of my great grandmother. Freely translated my great grandmother's nick name means "waggle tail". And the Abyssinians waggle and shakes their tail a lot, especially, when they see food or the possibility of getting petted.

I bought my first abyssinian in 1996 and that was the beginning of my carrier as a breeder. In the beginning my only wish was to experience the joy of having a litter but it developed into a great interest in breeding and working towards breeding these beautiful and loving cats.

I have the ambition to become a big breeder, but I have resolved to limit myself to having a smaller cattery, because I also think it is important to be able to give my cats and of course my litters all the love and care I can. So I only have a limited number of cats, but I put just as much effort and knowledge into breeding, as if I were a bigger breeder. I want to breed beautiful sorrel and fawn abys with the typical affectionate aby-temperament without compromising the demands of health.

The cats and I live in a house in Skanderborg in Jutland. The cats live in the house with me and have furthermore access to the fenced garden.